Jesus Saviour’s School, one of the prominent CBSE schools in Punjab, is situated at Shamsher Nagar, Sirhind in Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib.

This institution is the brain-child of a charitable society namely Good Shepherd’s Social and Educational Charitable Society. It was established in March 1996 with a view of imparting proper and systematic education to all children irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

The formation of character and the inculcation of social, religious and moral principles are chief concerns and no pains are spared to inculcate the habits of truth and honesty.

The Motto of our School is,

“The way, The Truth and The Life”.

The role of the school is to show the children the right way, the truth and the real life, full of natural and supernatural values so that they can be formed and molded as good citizens of this world and the Eternal Kingdom to come.

It is situated in an open, healthy and panoramic locality and easy access from Sirhind & Fatehgarh Sahib.

Our School Building

Jesus Saviour’s School is housed in a good building. Being located in an isolated area away from the air pollution polluting noises and disturbance It provides a cool and peaceful environment for the children .As a result they would be able to concentrate on studies and their personality development. The classrooms are bright, spacious and airy Library and sports rooms are well equipped and furnished We have well equipped and advanced labs for all three science subjects ie Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We have well advanced computer lab, Social Science Lab and language lab with audio-visual facilities. We also have ATAL lab to enhance the quality of education of our students.A very attractive garden having multi-color display of flowerbeds enhances the tone of the school.

Our Ideal

Jesus Saviour’s School aims at a harmonious development of the personality of the students in its charge. It stands for that education by which character is formed Strength of mind is increased and intellect is expanded. It also inculcates in young minds the sense of brotherhood pride and love with discipline dedication and devotion for the country


Application for seat registration are accepted from the first week of January every year. The school opens for admission in the first week of March every year. Students seeking admission from class 1st onwards are tested on the syllabus of the standard below the class for which they seek admission. A qualifying written test in English and Maths is held to assess the ability of scholars for admission in a particular class. The parents are required to deposit the admission form required fee and original Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate of the previous school alongwith two passport size coloured photographs.

Withdrawal :

Before withdrawing a student from the school a written application is to be given by the parent or guardian. A school leaving certificate will be issued only if all dues have been paid and library books returned

Leave of Absence:

All the students are expected to maintain a minimum of 80% of attendance. On return to school an absentee must produce his application for absence duly signed by parents. Leave to attend marriage, birthday celebration etc is discouraged.

Medical Care :

School provides immediate medical care and first aid to the needy. On call doctor’s facility will also be provided

General InformationThe Chief aim of the school is to provide a sound education designed to train its pupil’s love for Almighty God and the country through their activities, be it moral spiritual, intellectual social or professional. The school achieves this by :

  • Helping our students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others by teaching them to pray and to live in accordance with the dictates of God.
  • Instilling in them love for truth justice and brotherhood, since God is the father of us all Inculcating the spirit of team work and cooperation along with healthy competition and promoting a spirit of service and loyalty.
  • Guiding the students to seek knowledge which leads to the truth, a course of studies adopted to the mental development.
  • Urging them to build a healthy and strong body by physical exercise, games and sports. English is the medium of instruction. Due importance is given to teach Punjabi and Hindi in our school.
  • The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary school Examination as such it follows the syllabus as laid down by them .