Chairman’s Message

         Shaping young mind is one of the most challenging as well as interesting tasks in the present times. Just a glimpse of the bright, sparkling eyes is enough to bring a smile to our faces. We wonder how we can help these young flowers bloom in this world, without ever robbing them of their smiles, and we constantly seek newer ways to ensure it.

       Each child’s future follows a different path and momentum, In order for them to succeed in the 21st century, we will need to provide them with an education that prepares them to be creative, compassionate and innovative adults. we as responsible educators take upon over selves to create a stimulating environment where young minds are nurtured to blossom into intelligent, mature and enriched youth.


The Co-curricular activities have a very significant role in shaping and forming the tiny tots in their abilities and conduct. Keep this in view of the new trend of the era Jesus Christ School has organized various co-curricular activities for the little ones which were very helpful in forming and moulding the tiny ones . The following activities were conducted for the academic year.


Picnic given joy which is an emotion that accompanies the fulfillment of our natures as gregarious human being. In house picnic was conducted in the school ground. Swimming Pool, Jumping Rids were installed in the school campus for one day. Children enjoyed their picnic in the caring eyes of the teachers. Magic shows was also conducted along with this picnic.


The children came to school dressed in colours allocated to their class. The tiny tots from nursery to 1st   class participated in the activity. The day was of great fun for all involved. It was designed to help the little children to identify and differentiate various colours. Kids danced to tunes of different Rhymes and exhibited their talents. The children did various activities 


My dear student,

                         It gives me immense joy to address you all through the school website. Everyday is a gift from God, for what we become is a gift to God. So let us make the best out of our life.

                           We firmly believe that challenges, with their successes and failures, offer a great opportunity for growth and help children to achieve their full potential. We share the view that ‘ attempting to shield children from failure may shield them temporarily, but it will cripple them permanently, ” We try to explain that there is no shame in failure, but the shame lies in not trying again. The shield we provide is to equip them with the knowledge, skills and morality to face the challenge of an increasingly demanding world. We remain undeterred from our objectives of offering at Jesus Saviour’s School, Sirhind. Academic standards that are second to none, thus giving our students and edge in the global competition of tomorrow’s world.       Continue reading…

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